OCFJ 2014

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ser sociólogo

Being a Sociologist for 15 days


Summary of Activities


A Sociology research centre? Peddy Paper to get to know CIES-IUL!

By the Office of Planning and Communication



Researchers: Catarina Sales e Dulce Neves

In this activity we will present to participants the basic notions of the qualitative interview technique in sociology. Starting by broaching topics related to the construction of scripts and the different types of interview, the activity will also allow the participants to experience, through a practical exercise, interview techniques, reinforcing the interaction component and social interaction inherent to this technique.


Statistical Analysis

Researchers: Sofia Serra da Silva e Cláudio Nóbrega

Data analysis and social and political indicators of the members of parliament of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic. Interaction with a SPSS database on members of parliament, descriptive analysis of some of the social and political variables and creation of tables. How many men and women in parliament? What’s the average age of the members of parliament? What did they study?


Content Analysis

Researchers: Javier Calvo e Rita Cachado

Explain what content analysis applied to the Social Sciences is through the book “Common People: One history of PIDE” by Aurora Rodrigues. Working through the personal testimony of the protagonist with practical examples applied to Anthropology and History.



Researcher: Mara Vicente e Rita Ochoa

This section has as its objective to give the participants notions on the methodology of the inquiry through a questionnaire. The session will start with a framing on this methodology, addressing its characteristics, its potentialities/limitations, its applicability in social sciences. Following this, practical activities will be developed with the aim of building a small inquiry through questionnaire, applying it to a small sample of individuals and proceeding to the treatment of the collected data. This questionnaire will have as its theme the qualification of the city, seeking to use as a work field the space surrounding the ISCTE-IUL building.



Developing a research (team work)

Researchers: Catarina Sales e Rita Cachado


Public presentation of the research results





 Participant group and some of the assistants for the activities developed.