ESPP International PhD Conferences Cycle
2018-2019 | 2º semester

The International Cycle of PhD Conferences of ESPP is developed throughout the academic year and includes conferences organized under the PhD programs of the School in the areas of Political Science, Communication, African Studies, History, Defense and Security Studies, Public Policy, Social Work and Sociology.


Lecturers are internationally renowned experts in their fields and many of the conferences are the result of partnerships between the different courses.


The entrance is free.


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19 March 2019 | 18h00 | B2.03

Maps of Co-Creative Social Work

Lecturer: Lea Sugman Bohinc

PhD in Social Work 




20 March 2019 | 18h00 | B2.03

States at Work. The ethnographic study of public services in Africa

Lecturer: Thomas Bierschenk

PhD in African Studies 


21 March 2019 | 18h00 | B2.03

Move Fast and Break Things: How Google, Facebook and Amazon have corned culture and undermined democracy

Lecturer: Jonathan Taplin

PhD in Communication



22 March 2019 | 18h00 | B2.04

Effective Writing up of a qualitative PhD

Lecturer: David Silverman 

PhD in Public Policies


25 March 2019 | 18h00 | B2.03

Islam Sexuality and the War on Terror

Lecturer: Shaireen Rasheed

PhD in Modern and Contemporary History



29 March 2019 | 18h00 | B2.04

Narrativas, usos e consumos de visitantes como aliados ou ameaças para o bem estar da comunidade local

Lecturer: Elias Torres

PhD in Sociology


03 April 2019 | 18h00 | B2.03

The enduring migration crisis in Greece: ‘Curing the Limbo’: A project towards refugee integration in the city of Athens

Lecturer: Thalia Dragona

PhD in Sociology and Public Policies


03 May 2019 | 17h00 | B2.04 

Histoires de famille

Lecturer: Catherine Delcroix

PhD in Sociology


10 May 2019 | 18h00 | B2.04

Políticas públicas e comunidade local no final do Caminho de Santiago

Lecturer: Roberto Samartim

PhD in Sociology


17 May 2019 | 18h00 | B2.04

Will Dollar Hegemony Last?

Lecturer: Richard Lachmann

PhD in Sociology and Public Policies


31 May 2019 | 18h00 | B2.04

Construyendo la ciudadanía de la infancia y adolescencia

Lecturer: Antonia Picornell

PhD in Social Work


07 June 2019 | 18h00 | B204

Everyday Europe

Lecturer: Ettore Recchi

PhD in Sociology

ISCTE FCT Portugal