Training to Protected Reporting from Professional and Grassroots Sports

 The aim of this project is to strengthen significantly the effectiveness of ongoing private/public policies against match-fixing through a strong focus on training/information sharing on proper competent and tailored implementation of different protected reporting systems, which are very relevant in disrupting the omerta/conspiracy of silence (the main obstacle to contrasting match-fixing) with a very good cost-benefit ratio.  The diffusion of these tools applied to sports is unfortunately still very limited in Europe despite the growing recommendations to use/protect whistleblowers (also Macolin CoE Convention art. 7.2.c).  The Italian Government has conceived and designed an advanced platform for protected reporting in sports which will be piloted since upcoming May 2017. On this solid experimentation base the project will pursue: a) Better understanding, through a solid data-setting; b) Strong tailoring of blended (traditional+e-learning) training models. Double target: 1. top decision makers in primary sport bodies (NOCs, National federations, top Sport Clubs); 2. managers of grassroots clubs where the cultivation of behavior/misbehavior takes place and where match-fixing practices are unfortunately emerging at youth level. The training model will be pilot-implemented in five European countries (Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, Spain) to tackle the difficulty of professional and grassroots sports world, unable so far to build autonomously appropriate policies to fight match-fixing which include efficient tailored protected reported systems. It will build a capacity to this regard. The project is based on a very strong cooperation among many relevant actors with special reference to two National Governments and two National Olympic Committees, for the first time involved in such a cooperative process in this topic. The expertise of the partners involved (Universities, private networks ESSA, EASG, NGOs) is outstanding also thanks to previous EU projects.

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CEI-IUL - Centre for International Studies
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Psychology and Social Sciences Advanced School)
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Transparency International Slovenia
Italian National Olympic Committee
National Olympic Committee of Portugal
Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth
International Betting Integrity Association
European Association for the Study of Gambling
Ufficio Sport della Presidenza del Consiglio
KU Leuven Institute of Criminology
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