Ana Rezende Matias
I am currently a PhD student in Political Science at ISCTE-IUL and I hold a doctoral fellowship from FCT to develop a research concerning the explanatory factors of the European citizens’ attitudes towards elections. I have a BA and a MA in Political Science from ISCTE-IUL, with a MA dissertation related with the Portuguese electorate attitudes towards compulsory voting. I have collaborated with several research projects, with national and European funding, namely “Public Preferences and Policy Decision Making. A Comparative Analysis", coordinated by Dr. Ana Maria Belchior (CIES-ISCTE), and “MAPLE – Measuring and Analysing the Politicisation of Europe before and after the Eurozone Crisis”, coordinated by Dr. Marina Costa Lobo (ICS-UL). 
Educational Qualifications
Licenciate in Ciência Política, ISCTE - IUL, in 2013
M.Sc. in Ciência Política, ISCTE - IUL, in 2016
Research Fields
Public opinion, political attitudes, political behaviour, and electoral rules.
Research Groups
Politics and Citizenship
Recent Publications
Data from Ciência-IUL