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Civil engagement in social work: developing global models (2013-2016)

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Sustainable workforce (2015-2015)

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Myplace: memory, youth, political legacy and civic engagement (2011-2015)

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Citizen participation in health governance in portugal: practice-based recommendations for policy and action (2012-2015)

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Experimentar a fabricação interdisciplinar de objetos quotidianos (2013-2014)

Experiment the interdisciplinary fabrication of everyday objects (2013-2014)

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Elderly and lifestyles (2012-2014)

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Book trade in portugal: state of the art in the second decade of the 21st century (2014-2014)

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Anthropology of antarctic tourism culture: proposal for a preliminary study (2012-2014)

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40 years of educational policies (2014-2014)

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Sociology in technology: toward a laboratory/ incubator of social ideas, technological creations and entrepreneurship (2010-2013)

Serviços naturais e benefícios culturais: traduções sociais da biodiversidade (2010-2013)

Ser - a saúde em rede (2010-2013)

Rural matters - meanings of the rural in portugal: between social representations, consumptions and development strategies (2012-2013)

Public school teachers and their professional and labor associations: the reconstruction of identities and discourses (2010-2013)

Observatory on school safety (2009-2013)

Meeting the healthcare needs of culturally diverse populations: a psycho-sociopolitical approach to cultural competence in health professionals (2011-2013)

Língua portuguesa nos eua (2013-2013)

Health and citizenship: intercultural disparities and needs in the health attendance of immigrant mothers (2011-2013)

Fly 1900-1974 (forgotten letters: years 1900-1974) (2010-2013)

European social survey 6 (2012-2013)

Estudo sobre os conteúdos e impacto no meio artístico português do extinto programa gulbenkian para as artes performativas (2013-2013)

Estratégias de intervenção socioeducativa em contextos sociais complexos (2011-2013)

Building a social science data archive (2010-2013)

As novas gerações de jornalistas em portugal (2009-2013)

A leitura digital: transformação do incentivo à leitura e das instituições do livro (2011-2013)

Wage gap in the 'frequesias´ of lisbon (2003-2009) (2011-2012)

The integration of phd researchers into research units: hosting conditions, forms of integration, expectations for the future (2009-2012)

Study on project of “living science” school (2011-2012)

Sociedades científicas na ciência contemporânea (2010-2012)

Social entrepreneurship in portugal: policies, organizations and education/trainning (2010-2012)

Re-thinking labour market policies in southern europe by bringing in the labour market actors (2011-2012)

Programme for the international assessment of adult competencies (piaac) - portugal (2008-2012)

Pisa 2000-2009 – perfis e tendências (2011-2012)

Old age and ways of life (2011-2012)

Mp3 - medir percursos de 3 gerações (2011-2012)

Learn-tech, learning with information and communication technologies (2010-2012)

Evasão fiscal, evitamento fiscal e cumprimento fiscal: factores individuais, económicos e sociais (2010-2012)

Convivial cultures and super-diversity (2010-2012)

Computer-mediated hospitality networks in siberia: investigating reciprocity, trust and social connectivity along the transsiberian and beyond (2010-2012)

Com os pés em três cidades: maputo, lisboa, londres. itinerários residenciais e mobilidade inter-urbana na diáspora hindu-gujarati (2009-2012)

Belongings and interactions: negotiating a portuguese-speaking community in boston (2011-2012)

Avaliação de descentralização de competências de educação para os municípios (2011-2012)

Voluntary associations and local development: public policies, social capital and citizenship (2007-2011)

The portuguese armed forces after the cold war (2007-2011)

Teip effects: assessment of social and educational impacts of seven local projects included in the national program “educational areas of priority intervertion (2010-2011)

Pilot study integrated in the evaluation and monitoring process of the secondary school modernisation programme (2010-2011)

Observatory of high school students trajectories (2010-2011)

O impacto das turmas com percursos curriculares alternativos no ensino básico e dos planos de recuperação, de acompanhamento e de desenvolvimento no sucesso escolar (2010-2011)

Leitura, escola e sociedade: estudos de avaliação do plano nacional de leitura (2008-2011)

Health care in nowhereland - improving services for undocumented migrants in the eu (2008-2011)

Gender, entrepreneurship and qualifications in portugal: trends, contexts and individual experiences (2009-2011)

Family trajectories and social networks: the lifecourse in an intergenerational perspective (2007-2011)

Estudo de avaliação externa do projecto nacional de educação para o empreendorismo (2010-2011)

Estudantes do ensino superior e empréstimos com garantia mútua (2009-2011)

Combate à exclusão social entre populações de jovens sem-abrigo: uma investigação comparativa de trajectórias de vida e programas de reinserção para mulheres e homens jovens adultos de diversas condições étnicas e migratórias (2008-2011)

Actividades de desenvolvimento curricular (aec): o caso da alta de lisboa (2011-2011)

Transsexuality and transgender: gender identities and expressions of gender (2007-2010)

The portuguese mps in comparative perspective: elections, leadership and representation (2007-2010)

The politics of open access. the changing face of science in the network society (2008-2010)

Sustainamics - dynamic modelling for integrated sustainability assessment (2008-2010)

Religion, euroskpeticism and the media (2007-2010)

Qualitative exploratory survey on young workers (18-34) integrated in low skilled jobs (2010-2010)

Impact of education level (basic and secondary) on youth employability: portugal in the european context (2009-2010)

Formar para progredir (2010-2010)

Estudo de diagnóstico sobre a situação da população imigrante residente no concelho de sesimbra (2009-2010)

Educational achievement and organisational profiles. a look at external evaluation reports (2009-2010)

Educational achievement / failure among descendents of immigrants - national origins and social and school conditions on the basic education in portugal (2009-2010)

Diagnostic study on the situation of the resident immigrant population in the municipality of oeiras (2009-2010)

Atlantic waves: brazilian immigration to portugal (2007-2010)

The ict professionals: education, technology and informational development (2005-2009)

The economic value of the portuguese language (2008-2009)

The eastern portuguese language and culture: macao´s case study (2005-2009)

Sociological profile of the portuguese journalist (2005-2009)

Science activities in the summer 2009: sociological analysis (2009-2009)

Quality of life in a changing europe (2006-2009)

Poverty, social classes and ways of life: portugal in the european context (2005-2009)

Organizational change and employment relations in the portuguese public administration: the role of unions and workers (2005-2009)

Medications and therapeutic pluralism: social consumptions, logic(s) and rationalities (2007-2009)

Inquérito nacional à vitimação (2008-2009)

Incluir famílias em risco (2009-2009)

Ethnicity, school trajectories and professional expectations: young descendants of immigrants at the end of compulsory schooling (2005-2009)

Democratic participation and deliberation: institutional socio-political intermediaries (parties and associations), ideological changes and political behaviour (2005-2009)

Crime repression costs in context (2007-2009)

Crianças e jovens em risco de exclusão social no bairro de casal da boba (amadora) - projecto de avaliação de acompanhamento (2005-2009)

Content analysis of surveys’ publication in the media (2008-2009)

Content analysis of news in the portuguese radio (2008-2009)

Conciliação trabalho-família e igualdade de género: políticas e práticas organizacionais: a igualdade de género nas organizações: estudos de avaliação (2009-2009)

Complementary activities in primary schools: case-studies of innovation and good practices (2009-2009)

Biodiversity in style (2009-2009)

Avaliação externa da rede social da amadora (2008-2009)

Transitions in work-family relations: strategies, networks and identities (2005-2008)

The labour market and the qualifications of the labour force in portugal, 1991-2001 (2005-2008)

The awardees of gulbenkian’s stimulus for research program (2007-2008)

Students and their trajectories in higher education: success and attrition, factors and processes, fostering best practices (2007-2008)

Revalorizar o trabalho, promover a igualdade – acção 3 (2007-2008)

Revalorizar o trabalho, promover a igualdade – acção 2 (2005-2008)

Remessas de imigrantes em portugal (2007-2008)

Projecto geração - investigação dos caminhos juvenis de integração e exclusão social: trajectórias de vida dos jovens de casal da boba (2007-2008)

Nutrition, dietary and food: a professional field under construction (2008-2008)

Novas vias para o sindicalismo independente (2007-2008)

Modelização das políticas e das práticas de inclusão das pessoas com deficiências e incapacidades em portugal (2005-2008)

Migrações internacionais de profissionais: estudo comparativo da imigração brasileira em portugal e em frança (2006-2008)

Learning to learn (2008-2008)

Jovens descendentes de imigrantes e futuro: trajectórias escolares e orientações profissionais no finalizar da escolaridade obrigatória (2006-2008)

Ir e voltar – sociologia de uma colectividade local do noroeste português (2005-2008)

Humanus - centro de apoio à mulher, acção 3 (2007-2008)

Elderly immigrants: a new face of migration in portugal (2008-2008)

Diálogo social e igualdade nas empresas – acção 3 (2008-2008)

City from the street: an ethnographic aapproach to urban life (2005-2008)

World internet project - a comparison of portugal in the global arena (2005-2007)

The health in the information age: doctors, users and media (2005-2007)

Observatory biology and society (2003-2007)

O emprego e a formação no âmbito do programa rede social em portugal: processos, dinâmicas e impactos (2006-2007)

K’cidade – programa de desenvolvimento comunitário em meio urbano, acção 3 (2005-2007)

Evaluation study of the national reading plan (2006-2007)

Diálogo social e igualdade nas empresas – acção 2 (2007-2007)

Crianças e jovens: a sua relação com as tecnologias e os meios de comunicação (2006-2007)

Centro de apoio à mulher – acção 2 (2005-2007)

Centro de apoio à mulher (2005-2007)

Biinova – promoção do empreendorismo na beira interior, acção 3 (2005-2007)

Toward a social construction of an european youth-ness: experience of inclusion and exclusion in the public sphere among second generation migrated teenagers (2006-2006)

The youngsters' reply. comparison of different parental models (2005-2006)

The impact of the internet on the mass media in portugal (2004-2006)

Novos contextos das migrações: quando a origem se transforma no destino… (2006-2006)

Manual de lisboa - guia para a produção de indicadores estatísticos sobre o desenvolvimento da sociedade de informação nos países ibero-americanos (2006-2006)

Levantamento bibliográfico sobre imigração e minorias étnicas (2000-2006) (2006-2006)

Immigrants and ethnics minorities in european cities: life-courses and quality of life in a world of limitations (2002-2006)

From fado to tango: portuguese emigration and emigrants in the plata-basin region (2004-2006)

Educação especial e serviço de psicologia e orientação (2006-2006)

Ciências da segurança - medos e necessidades (2006-2006)

Avaliação externa do projecto «emprego apoiado (acção 3) (2006-2006)

Assédio moral nos serviços de saúde e de acção social (2005-2006)

Young descendants of african immigrants: transition to social integration or to social exclusion? (2003-2005)

The imprisonment of foreigners in portugal (2002-2005)

The conditions and processes of integration or exclusion of the immigrant´s descendants at school: the case of cape verdians and indians in portugal (2002-2005)

Searching for young/new fathers: conceptions and attitudes towards fatherhood (2003-2005)

Processo de avaliação da rede social do concelho de portalegre (2004-2005)

Modelling opportunities and limits for restructuring europe towards sustainability (2002-2005)

Gender, parenthood and changing european workplace: young adults negotiating the work-family boundary (2003-2005)

Eurostudent 2005 (2003-2005)

Drug addicts: trajectories, socio-psichological profiles, family patterns and mental processes (2003-2005)

The people(s), the parliament and the constitution: the future of democratic representation in the european union (2003-2004)

Literacy and other life skills for the knowledge society: profiles and processes (2002-2004)

Conjugal context and division of labour between men and women (2002-2004)

Basic education policies, social inequalities and school trajectories (2002-2004)

The adaptation of portuguese trade union strategy, organization and practice to economic, organizational and social change (2000-2003)

Self-medication and consumer culture: the sociological dynamics (2000-2003)

Naturezas sociais – diversidade e orientações sociais na sociedade portuguesa (1998-2003)

Life patterns: profiles and trends in contemporary portuguese society. (2000-2003)

Gender, power and the military. a comparative study of women's participation in armed force in europe (2000-2003)

Family solidarity in the baixo mondego: caring for elderly dependants (2002-2003)

Citizenship and political and social participation - attitudes, behaviour and institutional change (2000-2003)

Citizenship and cultural heritage. new rigths of citizenship, the public space and cultural policies and practices (2002-2003)

A cultura-escola glocal: o diferencialismo da multiculturalidade para todos (2001-2002)

Toxicodependência nas prisões: um diagnóstico (2001-2001)

Social attitudes of the portuguese - permanent survey (1999-2001)

Portuguese young people's orientations to work and family life (1999-2001)

Diagnóstico à situação contratual de expectativas dos bancários portugueses (1999-2001)

Best practices around europe concerning the reconciliation of family and professional life for women and men (2000-2001)

A comparative study of women in the armed forces: portugal and southern europe (2000-2001)

Work and familes: the role of social policies (1997-2000)

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Dar voz aos utentes (1997-1999)

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Consummers and users: towards an associative force? (1997-1997)

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