Emigração portuguesa qualificada para o Reino Unido: análise de indicadores e percursos

The project focused on the relationship between the impact of the financial crisis and skilled emigration to London. It began by identifying and characterising the motivations and expectations of emigrants before they left, still in Portugal, so as to be able to observe their transformations during the migration path. It combined the analysis of international statistical data, in the OEm, with the results of intensive and extensive research. In this sense, multi-situated ethnography was carried out through participant observation and interviews with qualified Portuguese in Lisbon, before leaving the city, and then in London, for a period of five months. In total, in 2013, 80 in-depth and semi-structured interviews were conducted with qualified Portuguese emigrants. The ethnographic research showed that new dynamics were occurring in Portuguese skilled migration, as the apparent majority of nurses compared to the other professions.

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