Call for Papers - Partecipazione e conflitto
Número especial dedicado a Britta Baumgarten

Call for Papers para Special Issue da revista Partecipazione e conflitto dedicado a Britta Baumgarten (1975-2018) - "Bridging Social Movement Studies between Global North and South"



    • Global perspectives in social movement studies;
    • National and regional traditions in social movement research;
    • New theoretical and epistemological discussions on conflict, participation, and social movements, particularly from or dialoguing with ‘Southern perspectives’;
    • Southern challenges to established social movement studies;
    • Entanglements and bridges between Northern and Southern social movement epistemologies, experiences and social/political practices;
    • The spatial-temporal dimension of social movements and the differences between their Northern and Southern variants;
    • Transnational arenas, spaces of convergence and social networks connecting North and South;
    • Methodological concerns and potential innovations for social movement research between north and south.


Datas importantes:

    • Submission of long abstracts: 1 October 2020 [Extended deadline]
    • Communication of decision: November 2020
    • Submission of full articles: January 2021
    • Internal feedback: March 2021
    • Resubmission: May 2021
    • External peer-reviewed feedback: June 2021
    • Submission of revised papers: September 2021
    • Publication of the special issue: November 2021


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Guest Editors:

Guya Accornero (Lisbon University Institute, Portugal)

Breno Bringel (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)