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Caterina Francesca Di Giovanni
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Caterina Francesca Di Giovanni is an architect and a Ph.D. student in Urban Studies at the ISCTE-IUL/FCSH-UNL. Her research is funded by FCT (SFRH/BD/130465/2017) and focuses on integrated interventions in social housing with an interdisciplinary approach among architecture and social sciences. She holds a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Palermo and a postgraduate in Urban Planning in Public Administration at the Sapienza University of Rome. She was successful in some architectural projects and she worked in Italy about heritage promotion and local development in local associations. In 2017, she was integrated into the project exPERts – “Making sense of planning expertise: housing policy and the role of experts in the Programa Especial de Realojamento”. In 2019 she has been visiting scholar at the University of Camerino (Italy) and later at the University of Rome Tre in the frame of the research award "AESOP Young Investigator Training Program 2019".
Educational Qualifications
Integrated M.Sc. in Arquitectura, Università degli Studi di Palermo, in 2012
Other type of qualification in Habilitação nacional (exame de estado na Itália) à profissão de Arquitecto, Ordem dos Arquitectos, Paisagistas, e Urbanistas (Secção A), Università di Palermo, in 2013
Post-graduation in Urbanismo na Administração Pública- Gestão da cidade e do território , Sapienza Università di Roma, in 2015
Research Fields
Urban studies, Urban planning, Social architecture, Social housing, Housing policies
Research Groups
Inequalities, Migrations and Territories
Recent Publications


Di Giovanni, C. (2018). Inhabit the city: rights, policies and challenges. A case study of bairro Padre Cruz in Lisbon. Third International Conference of the Young Urban Researchers (TICYUrb’18).

Publication in conference proceedings

Di Giovanni, C. (2018). Inhabit the City: rights, policies and challenges. A case study of Bairro Padre Cruz in Lisbon. In Manuel Garcia-Ruiz, Carolina Henriques, Henrique Chaves, Ana Sofia Oliveira, Ana Catarina Ferreira, Alessandro Colombo, Sebastião Almeida, Rui Santos (Ed.), Book of Abstracts of the Third International Conference of Young Urban Researchers. (pp. 132-132). Lisbon

Tulumello, S., Ferreira, A. C., Colombo, A., Di Giovanni, C. & Allegra, M. (2017). Social housing policy or social policy for housing? The role of the Programa Especial de Realojamento (PER) in the housing/planning nexus in Portugal. In José Antunes Ferreira; José Manuel Simões; Sofia Morgado; Eduarda Marques da Costa; João Cabral; Isabel Loupa Ramos; Jorge Batista e Silva; Miguel Baptista-Bastos. (Ed.), Lisbon AESOP Annual Congress ’17: Spaces for dialog for places of dignity: book of proceedings. (pp. 1711-1725). Lisboa: Universidade e Lisboa.

Di Giovanni, C. (2017). La lotta PER la casa. In Atti della XX Conferenza Nazionale SIU. Urbanistica e/è azione pubblica. La responsabilità della proposta. (pp. 362-366). Roma: Planum .

Di Giovanni, C. (2015). Il contratto di fiume per l’emergenza idrogeologica. Il Tevere nell’area romana: un’esperienza in itinere. In XVIII Conferenza Nazionale SIU - Italia ’45-’45- Radici, condizioni, prospettive. (pp. 702-708). Veneza: Planum .

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